My Top 5

Hey guys, I don’t know how all this cryptocurrency is going to play out, nor can
I predict the future if any of the main cryptos.

I’m talking about: Bitcoin, Litecoin, EtherCoin, Ripple and Stellar. These are/were my top 5 to begin with.

And it’s important to note that I am an experimental enthusiast at best.

Here is a brief look at why these are my top 5:

#1 LiteCoin along with SegWit and Lightning Network could finally compete with
Credit and Debit cards for fast merchant transactions.  I think LiteCoin coupled with SegWit and Lightning Network could be a game changer.

#2 EtherCoin is programmable for smart contracts, albeit the learning curve for
developers is steep with this one.  Smart programmable currency may be the future.

#3 BitCoin may be hitting some stumbling blocks with block size and transaction
time and fees (see LiteCoin + SegWit + LN above as a solution)

See I obviously favor LTC+SegWit+LN.

#4 XRP or Ripple. That major banks have started to adopt (Santander? IMF? the
French Finance Minister!) Is both ominous and a boon if you are holding or
bought a bunch at 7/10 th of a cent. Not sure if I’m on board with their world
currency consolidation on a centralized blockchain. But it may prove valuable
next gen tech for FX (foreign currency exchange) traders via real time global
settlement, and if central is the only way big banks would do it.

#5 And finally Stellars. They promoted a non-profit platform, or had some sort ofnon-profit aim going in, so it sounded like they wanted to help with third world development projects more so than the Ripple XRP big bankers who seem to cater to world finance domination.

So there you have it. My top 5 cryptocurrencies and why I think so.

Again I can’t say for sure which cryptocurrency will come out on top, but it
will be interesting to see.




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